Started in November 2003, Founded by Emonie Whitley, a former school teacher at Weaver Academy of Advanced Technology Performing Arts and Penn-Griffin School for the Arts currently provides dance instructionin Jamestown NC. Emonie developed a strong desire to have her own school for dance and music. Starting with just 8 students, Emonie offered advanced and intermediate classes in contemporary, ballet, tap and jazz. Now offering over 15 styles of dance, Vinmark continues to grow innovatively and culturally, providing an atmosphere accepting of people of every race, color, and creed.

" Eleven years ago I started with just 8 students. Today, we offer over 15 styles of dance and continually grows innovatively and culturally."


Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible! 

Ms. Emonie Whitley

A NOTE FROM OUR studio director

The success of a studio is not measured by it's quantity, but it's quality.

our history

Vinmark's mission is to provide top quality instructions that produces educated well-rounded students.

A multicultural school who's vision is to diversify, enrich lives and promote student growth through the education of culture and dance.

Mission + Vision

Dance Instruction for the NC Triad.

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